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The GRIFF legend stretches back into the mists of time, but the GRIFF Aviation story begins in 2015. That was when our founder and CEO, Leif Johan Holand, saw a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to use his experience of the helicopter filming business to create a new business that would redefine the future of industrial drones.

Today, that strategy has led to the development of a unique UAS technology that we are very proud of. Indeed, we firmly believe we have created an aviation legend – one worthy of the brand name, GRIFF. A technology that combines unrivalled construction quality with uncompromised safety to deliver exceptional performance.

When we started this business, there were few guidelines for rotorwing UAS developers, and we were advised to start using the CS-27 building code as bases for our design (EASA regulations). We worked with the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority from the beginning, and they guided us in the right direction to ensure we could certify the airworthiness of our technology.

Ever since, we have constantly worked to be compliant with new regulations, not just to achieve the certification, but to protect the investment that our customers make in our aircraft. Today, GRIFF has a pending application to become an Aircraft Factory, has several Permits to Fly, is a holder of a Permit to Fly over the city of Turin in Italy, with an JARUS SORA with ConOps.




Our name and brand marque capture the power of a legend. The Griff (Griffin) was a creature from the world of myth that possessed unrivalled strength, character, and gripping power. A hybrid of a lion and an eagle, the Griff ruled both on land and in the air. It was brave, strong and trusted: renowned as a guardian of precious treasures. In short, it possessed many of the characteristics that we aim to bring to our business and our technology.

Our brand promise

Our brand promise – fly with a legend – is an extension of our brand marque. It emphasizes not only our game-changing technology, but also our approach to doing business. The words are aspirational. It is an appealing call to action, one that addresses the timeless, universal human desire to fly and to experience the power this would bring.

With our brand promise and positioning, we create an expectation of the GRIFF Aviation experience – one that goes beyond the flight capabilities of our products. The words can be interpreted on many levels, but what really counts is that we consistently deliver on them all. And we do. We will always strive to reach new heights in everything we do from technical problem solving to customer service, from quality to safety, and from personal relationships to professional ethics. When it comes to this promise, we cannot afford to break our word. At GRIFF Aviation, our reputation is everything.